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Special offer

A gift to the first order for customers from Irpin, Buchi, Gostomel and Vorzel!

Hurry up! Try our delicious pizza or rolls, and get a gift for the first order:

- Barbecue pizza, 30 cm


- Philadelphia roll tender with mango

Terms of action:

1. The promotion is valid from 01.05.2019 to 30.06.2019.

2. The promotion is valid only for customers who place orders in the Irpen-Bucha-Vorzel-Gostomel delivery zone.

3. A gift is a promotional product purchased for 1 UAH, including VAT.

4. ATTENTION! You can choose a gift only through the dispatcher when placing an order or upon confirmation.

5. A gift is made when placing the first order in the specified delivery area and fulfilling the conditions for the minimum order amount. For subsequent orders, the gift is not relied.

6. The promotion is not cumulative with other promotional and bonus offers, including the “Pickup Discount”.