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Win prizes for buyers from Irpin, Buchi, Gostomel and Vorzel!

In honor of expanding the delivery area of ​​our delicious food, all buyers from Irpin, Buchi, Vorzel and Gostomel can take part in the prize draw.

To get a chance to become the winner of the draw, you only need to make an order before the end of May in the amount of 400 UAH.

Terms of action:

1. The promotion is valid from 01/05/2019 to 31/05/2019.

2. The promotion is valid only for orders issued in the Irpen-Bucha-Vorzel-Gostomel delivery zone.

3. The official prize drawing will take place on 03.06.2019.

4. Lists of winners will be published on sites and

5. Winners are determined using the service

6. The following set of gifts is played in the draw:

- Samsung Galaxy A20 smartphone - 1 pc

- Tablet Nomi Ultra 4 10 ”- 2 pcs

- Multivarka MIRTA - 3 pcs

- Thermal Mug Maestro 350 ml - 12 pcs

7. Participate in the draw purchases amounting to more than 400 UAH. This amount does not include goods purchased for bonuses or gift certificates.

8. Purchases made on and are participating in the draw. All menus listed on these sites participate in the drawing.

9. The identifier of each purchase is the mobile phone number indicated by the buyer when making this purchase.

10. Prizes will be issued from June 06, 2019 to June 25, 2019.

11. Delivery of prizes is carried out exclusively on the conditions and in the delivery area Irpen-Bucha-Vorzel-Gostomel.

12. A buyer who wins a prize can pick up this prize independently in agreement with the organizer of the draw. Determination of the place and time of issuing the prize remains in the exclusive competence of the organizer of the draw.

13. The organizer is not responsible for cases where the prize was not delivered due to the buyer's fault. Namely, if the contact information is incorrect, the time and place of delivery; if the buyer does not contact; voluntarily refuses to receive a prize and similar cases.