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Light pizza: what order if you are on a diet?

Modern people tend to follow their figure. They begin to go to the gym and cardinally revise their own meals. As a rule, the traditional diet menu mainly consists of eating fresh vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, light broths ... But sometimes you want to treat yourself to something particularly tasty. For example, order a pizza. Which variant is the least caloric? Let's look at the types of pizza that you can use on a diet from time to time.

Thin dough

The high calorie content of pizza is due not only to the cheese and sauces included. First of all, the gain in weight is due to the abundance of the test. That is why it is worth giving preference to the classic Italian, and not the American variant of the dish. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the test. It is desirable that the dish was made from whole-grain flour. Also, you need to give preference to olive, and not vegetable oil.

Cheese variety

Cheese varieties differ in different calories. The best option for those who follow the figure is the traditional Mozzarella. In other types, the energy value is higher. Also, you can not choose pizza with the addition of processed cheese. If possible, when ordering a pizza at the delivery service, ask the cooks not to overdo the amount of this ingredient.

Choice of filling

  • Vegetarian pizza. It consists exclusively of vegetables, which are useful for your health and figure. Typically, this dish is added onions, olives or olives, sweet peppers. In the seasonings you can not limit yourself.
  • Mushroom. If you like the combination of champignons, tomatoes and cheese, stop on this option. In addition to the relatively low caloric content, mushroom pizza has the following advantage: it is much more substantial than a vegetable delicacy. A dish cooked by a good cook will not disappoint you and will give you as much pleasure as meat pizza.
  • Do not want to give up meat? In this case, give preference to a lean bird. For example, many people enjoy eating a dish with chicken and pineapple. Pork and beef will have to be excluded. Another interesting option - pizza with turkey.
  • Pizza with seafood. Tasty and useful option for real gourmets. Sea cocktail of salmon, squid, mussels, shrimps to taste qualities is not inferior to the meat analogue.

Recommendations of nutritionists

Even experts recommend from time to time to afford a tasty morsel. Using several tips, you can save the figure for many years: Regardless of the particular type of pizza, you need to pay attention to the drinks. Strongly do not eat pizza with high-calorie beer, carbonated drinks, sweet shop juices. Preference is given to home-made fresh, green tea, mineral water. Do not order pizza when you are feeling very hungry. This is fraught with overeating. Having a bite with something low-calorie, you hardly want to eat more than a portion. The optimal amount is no more than 2 pieces per day. Do not eat pizza while watching TV, reading, working at the computer. According to the studies, this increases the risk of overeating. Try to eat pizza in the morning, the calories you get quickly consumed during an active and busy day. Pizza is not the enemy for the figure. Reasonable use of your favorite delicacy will not bring any harm to your beauty!