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Varieties of pizza

Delicious pizza with a crispy crust is a favorite treat for adults and children. But sometimes even the most delicious dish can get bored. Why not start experimenting? Fortunately, today there are many varieties of pizza for every taste. Let's think about what to pamper yourself with the next order of pizza.

American or Italian pizza?

Italian pizza is a traditional dish, which is prepared on a thin dough. Many gourmets prefer this species, because it allows you to enjoy the refined taste of the filling. American pizza is created on a magnificent test, the thickness of which is about two centimeters. This is a more satisfying dish. Also, American chefs use special yeast to create a base. The dough is characterized by a pleasant sweetish taste and friability. It is worth noting a sufficient amount of sauce. There are differences in the technology of cooking two varieties of pizza. Americans prefer to bake a dish at higher temperatures. The duration of cooking also decreases. Interestingly, in America, visitors to the cafe is offered a greater variety of fillings. Cooks like to experiment. They can add boiled eggs, ham, smoked chicken, sausages, mustard, cabbage to pizza. American pizza-jollo prefer vegetable, but not olive oil. Are you interested in the differences between the main types of pizza? Be sure to try both options and compare them in practice. You will not be disappointed with the dish prepared by a skilled chef.

Another classification criteria

• Closed or open pizza. Most of us are accustomed to seeing open dishes on our table. However, you should definitely try a closed pizza, called calzone. This fragrant dish looks like a pie we used to eat. A flat cake from the text closes the filling.

• Variety of ingredients. Pizza can be meat, vegetarian, mushroom, fish. Also popular is the assortment - a combination of different ingredients in one dish. Lovers of sweet probably will not give up an amazing fruit pizza. Another kind of gourmet dish is cheese. It does not dispense with various spices, which make the taste more rich and brighter.

• Cheese variety. Most often, Mozzarella is used, which is made from cow's milk. This is a universal variety. Fresh grated Parmesan is considered the king of cheese products. Dor blues are an excellent option for sea and fish pizza. Also, many prefer Cheddar and Radamer cheeses.

• Types of dough. It can be yeast, sweet or puff. The specific choice depends on your preferences, the traditions and skills of the cook that have developed in your region.

• The shape of the pizza. Round delicacy - a classic option, which can be found in any restaurant. Also pizza can be oval or rectangular.

• Japanese pizza. A separate type of dish, which involves the preparation of fillings from various marine products.

• Indian pizza. It's quite spicy dishes, full of a lot of seasonings and spices.

• Greek pizza is distinguished by a large thickness of the cake. It is cooked in a frying pan.

• Russian pizza. A fairly large and sumptuous pizza with any filling. A distinctive feature: cheese, as a rule, is on top. Thus, pizza can be absolutely anything: thick and thin, sweet and salty, meat and vegetarian, round and square ... Ordering dishes for yourself and loved ones, you can please everyone. Entrust this responsible task to a real professional!