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Top 5 gastronomic festivals hosting in Italy this season

If you ever be asked which country should be awarded a medal for gastronomic festivals - feel free to name Italy! In addition to the well-known Pizzafest, autumn in Italy will delight the gourmet with a whole range of culinary delights. For 5 reasons to admire the Italian gastronomic traditions, read in our publication.

1) Festival of grapes (Marino, October 5)

Such a grape festival is held in the ancient town of Marino, near Rome. On the opening day of the festival, the whole city is adorned with grape bunches: grapes can be found on walls, windowsills and balconies of houses, in shop windows, on the doors of cafes and restaurants, on fences and statues of city fountains. Each year, to celebrate the harvest of 150 tons of grapes, 3000 liters of local white wine are prepared. The crown of the holiday is wine, pouring from a special fountain, built in the 17th century.

2) Festival of chocolate (Perugio, October 17-26)

For the duration of the festival the city of Perugia becomes the sweet capital of the world. The venue is not chosen by chance: Perugia is the birthplace of Perugina, Italy's largest chocolate producer. The famous sweets "Baci" (which translates as a "kiss") with happy wishes inside are produced here. What not to do from chocolate, as soon as they do not serve it in Perugia: confectionery, cosmetics, skilfully made chocolate figures, hundreds of fillings and varieties. Lovers of chocolate like it!

3) Festival of White Truffles (San Miniato, every weekend of November)

The white truffle is Italy's pride, and white truffles from the San Miniato area are considered the world's most valuable mushrooms, food kings! It was here that the world's largest white truffle was found, weighing 2.5 kg. During the festival you can learn how to choose the right truffles, prepare this precious mushroom with various side dishes and sauces, and also take part in the auction and buy truffles.

4) Festival of slow food (Turin, October 23-27)

In Italian Turin in October, the festival of "slow food" Salone del Gusto is held. The slow food movement protests against such a popular phenomenon of fast food and is its complete opposite! Food here is prepared long and carefully, using only environmentally friendly and healthy foods. In the pavilions of improvised markets, you can find and taste delicious and healthy food from all over Italy, and even from different countries of the world!

5) Cheese Festival (Sconce, September 13-16)

Italy produces about 500 varieties of cheese, with each province specializing in its varieties. Mozzarella is traditionally cooked in Naples, gorgonzola - in the Padan Plain area, Parmigiano is a traditional Parma cheese. Since the Cheese Festival is an international event, naturally, not only Italian delicacies, but also cheeses of Greece, Switzerland, France, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania can be found here ... Over 20 countries present their products to the festival - and this is over a thousand cheeses. Children will also be interested in such a festival, because part of the fair is devoted to dairy products: yogurt, ice cream, milkshakes.