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Top-5 Kiev open-air cinemas

Conditioners bother us in the office for another working day, so watching movies in the hall under the whirl of technology is not the best evening relaxation! It is better to take something delicious and spend time at an open-air cinema. Pizza33 compiled a list of such pleasant locations in Kiev.


1) Cinema on the beach

You can watch a movie on the banks of the Dnieper in AngarBeachClub on the Trukhanov skeleton. Located on deckchairs or karematah, here you can view the festival cinema and good classics. The screen on the beach is rather big - 10x5 meters, so you can see it perfectly. Information about the shows - here


2) Movies on benches and roofs of garages

Cinema LabGarage is suitable for those who love urban romance. Instead of soft armchairs, they sit on stumps, benches and roofs of neighboring garages. The cinema hall is located on Bolshaya Zhytomyrska Street, 38 B. The repertoire includes films from the organizers of Molodist Film Festivals, Docudays and other thematic programs. For announcements follow this:

фильмы LabGarage

3) Green cinema

Of the benefits of this site - a green area, pool and bar at arm's length. You can see here art-house movies and just cult films of different times. You can sit in comfortable armchairs-cushions, your clamshells and mattresses are also welcome. Announcements of film screenings for July are expected.

Зеленый театр

4) Auto-cinema

To watch the film without leaving your own cozy territory, you can at the cinema "Kinodrom" on Dniprovskaya embankment, 18 (m. Osokorky). It is worth traveling by car. On the site is placed up to 100 cars. You can see the schedule of sessions here.


5) Cinema on a bicycle

This summer on the "Art picnic of Glory Frolova" an eco-cinema on velotyage works. The audience twists the pedals of their bicycles and simultaneously watch an interesting movie. The rotation of the wheels generates electricity for the generator, from which the projector and speakers work. By the way, you can also charge your mobile phone. And before watching the movie without a twinge of conscience to eat pizza - calories still burned :) Announcements of movie-shows-